six zeros of sustainability: your dream home

LEED platinum home design

What if your home's ecological footprint featured zero net energy, zero water, zero waste, zero carbon, zero emissions...

It's not just a dream, it's an advertisement for extreme green design.

If you thought it couldn't be done, checkout Living Homes, which just received the first-ever LEED Platinum (doesn't go higher) for residential design (via inhabitat).

They also created one of the most informative websites I've seen on the how and why of green building and what it means to your lifestyle.

Then, the folks at NRDC decided to do a walk-through, and produced a video so you can get inside this remarkable achievement.

You know the gas mileage of your car; you know the nutritional value of the foods you eat. But what about your home? OK, you can't drive it or eat it, but it does have performance, health, and sustainability metrics - if you know where to look.

Like a nutritional label, Living Homes' Sustainability Scorecard provides an easy reference for the ecological footprint of your home. It actually goes beyond LEED to explain the reduced impact of the operation of the home, and the reduced impact of the construction of the home.

Just to give you a feel for what's possible, consider this:

How do they do it? Living Homes combines healthy materials and efficient systems with a resource-saving, modular fabrication process, and they give you a Sustainability Scorecard for each of their models.

Oh, and, LivingHomes just announced a new partnership with Enterprise Community Partners to fund a Green Communities Charrette process that provides developers with the tools they need to build cost-effective sustainable homes that will work within their community.

Now that's wot I'm talkin' about!

Published by Ken on January 21st, 2007 tagged Community Initiatives, Island Vulnerabilities

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