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SOL sustainability consortium

Speaking of learning how to think differently about sustainability, here’s a group doing some amazing work.

Under the overall leadership of Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, and with Sara Schley and Joe Laur as co-stewards, the Sustainability Consortium at the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) is all about building the learning capacity to achieve economic, ecological and social sustainability.

It’s especially refreshing to see their group called Women Leading Sustainability charging on ahead to show how we can apply women’s innate systems and relationship abilities.

The SoL Sustainability Consortium is a “learning community” of companies committed to accelerating the creation of knowledge needed to achieve a truly sustainable economy.

As Hilary Bradley says, “it may be time to dignify women’s mode of knowing and doing; to reclaim women’s way of leading -- leadership that balances deep reflection with coherent action -- and encourage men and the culture at large to join us in this.”

"If women can lead sustainability from the inside out, how can we apply their innate systems and relationship abilities to restore balance to the world, build multi-sector partnerships and exceed the triple bottom line?"

This group is certainly asking the right questions:

BTW, the recent SOL Forum on Business Innovation for Sustainability in Atlanta proved fruitful in ferreting out the leadership, learning and collaboration required for building a ‘living economy’.

As the Consortium puts it, "Creating sustainability means inventing new business models, leap-frogging to new environmentally sound technologies and infrastructures, shifting established norms, and 'changing the rules of the game.'"

The Consortium utilizes the disciplines of Systems Thinking and Organizational Learning to explore and address the knotty issues surrounding the imperative to remain profitable while nurturing the natural systems and the communities within which we do business.

So much good stuff here... Check this out!

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