digest this: the ultimate poi from Hawaii

trao dream

'Spose ya know that poi made from taro rules in Hawaii. And for good reason: it's a wonderful food.

The only challenge for non-locals is getting over the notion that you won't like it.

Wot's not to like? Think of poi as Hawaiian pudding.

Actually, that's pretty much what my friends' company, Taro Dream, has done.

Their product gives you a sweet dessert without the fat and excessive calories.

The kewl thang about poi is it's easily digestible and low allergenic, not to mention high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The nutrition in poi is better utilized than other foods due to fermentation and the small starch granules.

Poi has proven invaluable in the care of allergic individuals, malnourishment, special health problems and those recovering from illness. It also prevents dental caries.

Makes sense that Taro Dream focuses on the health benefits, especially for the 25 percent of people who have some kind of digestive problem. Digestive disorders have been identified as one of the three top health concerns.

According to Taro Dream, conditions that require ingestion of a nutritious, non-irritating food include:

Taro Dream notes that food replacement products often have common allergens such as soy, dairy, wheat, and refined sugars. Taro Dream serves as an alternative to these allergen-based products.

Got it? Get it!

Coming soon to a West Coast retailer near you...

Published by Ken on May 26th, 2007 tagged Community Initiatives, HI-specific

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