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Borrowing from David Duffy's rant on the disjointed nature of ecosystem research, I wanna see a coordinated research agenda for climate change in Hawaii, especially after these two items popped onto my viewscreen in recent days.

The first is an open letter from the Union of Concerned Scientists to the House Science and Technology Committee on global change research legislation on the need for a climate change assessment process that integrates mitigation and adaptation response strategies at the regional and state levels.

The second is a green paper on adaptation in the EU that calls for "integrated climate research."

These items prompt a return to my earlier call for an integrated, collaborative research agenda that goes far beyond the specific focus on Hawaii's new emissions regulatory scheme.

Says the UCS:

"The (unified) model...could inform the establishment of a set of “Centers of Excellence” for assessing regional impacts of climate change, possible adaptation strategies, and mitigation options, and ensure that the information is disseminated in a manner that will be used at a state and regional level."

As Duffy pointed out, our 'knowledge gaps' reflect "poor practices that include lack of a focused, problem-solving research agenda that goes beyond merely collecting scattered ecological information." Duffy also called for "focused private funding to jump-start problem-solving research."

Among the green paper's recommendations to the EU:

"Provide support to practitioners through guidance on existing scientific knowledge and adaptation measures, options and cost-benefit analysis of these options, promote networks for the exchange and consolidation of knowledge, experience and adaptation, and facilitate transmission of knowledge from the research community to practitioners."

Now, as Jeff Mikulina points out, Hawaii's new greenhouse gas legislation may necessitate a broader research agenda when it incorporates the following language about how to "minimize 'leakage' or a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases within the State that is offset by an increase in emissions of greenhouse gases outside the State."

How else are we to "ensure the greenhouse gas emissions reduction activities to be adopted and implemented are complementary, minimize duplication, and can be implemented in an efficient and cost-effective manner"?

Published by Ken on July 5th, 2007 tagged HI-specific, Island Vulnerabilities

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