for the sake of appearances: our (human) bad

human food and car pleasuring

Couldn't help pondering the parallel between our addiction to junk food (which makes us obese) and our addiction to cars (which makes us overshoot).

It's all about metabolism.

The sugary junk food alters our bodies' metabolism, virtually guaranteeing that we will gain weight.

Just so, the private automobile alters our planet's metabolism, virtually guaranteeing that it will warm up.

(See Sam Moore's piece on London's 'metabolism' for an illustration of the car's role in climate change.)

In both cases, we have been sold 'a bill of goods'. Our vaunted producing/selling system has put something over on us.

And, it has something to do with our evolutionary path.

Yes folks, humans are not just differentiated by brain size, but also by our unique (among species) predilection for appearance over survival.

Say wot? Yup, IMHO, it's our pursuit of pleasure, in effect, that has led us into this trap.

Having said this, it seems fairly straightforward to get out of the trap.

Try this: Say "OOOOPS, I didn't carefully think that through."

That's a good start.

As the shamans advise us, we must be careful wot we ask for.

If we ask for plenty of food that tastes good, we're given tasty treats that induce us to eat far more than our bodies need.

If we ask for unfettered mobility, we're given driving dreams that induce us to motor far more than our planet can handle.

Mebbe we could get a bit more specific with this.

Say, plenty of good tasting food that ensures healthy bodies. Or, say, ample multimodal mobility with zero net emissions.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Published by Ken on July 27th, 2007 tagged Systems Thinking

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