getting uncomfortable in Hawaii: the tourism outlook

tourism comfort index shows HI poor in 2020

Even if the seas don't rise too much and the hurricanes don't come through too often, Hawaii might still lose its appeal as a visitor destination.

How'sat? Turns out, Hawaii's TCI is already 'Marginal' in the summer months, according to new research on a 'Tourism Climate Index' (via Jrnl of Travel Research).

By 2020, Hawaii will fall into the 'Poor' range of the TCI.

Of course, the same holds true for other tropical locations, like southern Florida and the Caribbean.

The TCI measures things like average temperature and humidity, and this study provides both historical data and simulated results with climate change models for all parts of the planet.

The purpose of this study was to assess the potential impacts of projected climate change on the global tourism industry.

As a general rule, says the study, the TCI will worsen or improve for lower or higher latitudes.

Heck, by 2080, this study shows the Himalayas as one of the few spots with 'Ideal' TCI. Go figure.

Say the study's authors:

"Whereas destinations such as the Mediterranean may see shifts in their peak seasons from summer months to current shoulder periods, regions in higher latitudes are likely to experience a lengthening of their summer seasons."

Also note that this study only accounts for climatic conditions.

Here are the components of the TCI:

Ya gotta wonder if this might impact the boomers' buying decisions when contemplating that second home in Hawaii...

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