wassup with trees and CO2? Duke data delivers doubts

trees uptake CO2

Sheesh, here we have a nearly global network of carbon offsetter now planting trees to suck up more carbon...and new doubts are emerging about the efficacy of such an approach (via grist).

This weekend, the blogosphere rocked with results from a 10-year Duke study showing two huge reasons for caution.

First, the study found carbon uptake to be significantly less than previously thought...and nowhere near wot we'll need from trees to offset our new coal plants.

Second, the study found that the highest levels of carbon uptake come from fairly massive amounts of fertilizer and water for the trees. Yikes!

Before all you carbon marketers go jump out the window, let's reserve judgment until there's more clarity on regional variations of this theme.

Recent work in the tropics, for example, shows trees doing famously at their assigned carbon uptake tasks.

So, mebbe it's just trees in the temperate zones that cain't get'r done.

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Published by Ken on August 13th, 2007 tagged Climate Change, Systems Thinking

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