are we toast yet? on getting real about time

clock head strikes midnight

We cannot solve the climate problem because we have failed to meet nature’s deadline, says Ross Gelbspan in a provocative essay (via grist).

Says Gelbspan, "there needs to be another kind of thinking that centers neither on the profoundly dishonest denial promoted by the coal and oil industries, nor the misleading optimism of the environmental movement, nor the fatalistic indifference of the majority of people who just don’t want to know."

"In the next few years, says Gelbspan, "this world will experience progressively more ominous and destabilizing changes."

"These will happen either incrementally — or in sudden, abrupt jumps", says Gelbspan.

"Under either scenario, it seems inevitable that we will soon be confronted by water shortages, crop failures, increasing damages from extreme weather events, collapsing infrastructures, and, potentially, breakdowns in the democratic process itself."

There's lots of stuff in this extended essay that's worth pondering.

Should be required reading for the Bushies who still act like there's plenty of time...

Published by Ken on December 13th, 2007 tagged Climate Change, Island Vulnerabilities

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