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Here are the top 20 most popular of over 1,000 posts in my first 18 months of blogging:

  1. dogs on the bridge: on ethics and climate change
  2. Hawaii’s offshore goldmine? Pacific trash vortex
  3. fighting back against invasive ferns on Kauai
  4. fill’er up with pond scum
  5. eco-ratings for cars: all things (finally) considered
  6. peak everything: dude, where’s my lifestyle?
  7. carbon cloud lifts over Kauai ethanol plant: no coal
  8. sustainable ag on Kauai: Chris Jaeb gets Guava Kai
  9. Hawaiian islands sinking in rising sea
  10. a future for aviation? on algae for bio-jet fuel
  11. on pollutant molecules: every breath we take
  12. DIY hydrogen: solar separation, home fueling
  13. Hawaii Island poster complements ahupuaa series
  14. …of ferry tales and wings (part II)
  15. Jack Johnson helps Honolulu get into recycling
  16. wot in tarnation? future fuel from fallen folks?
  17. wot’s the cheapest way to eat well?
  18. Hawaii’s ahupuaa models a sustainable future
  19. going exponential: Hawaii tracks CO2 growth
  20. back to the land: Cole looks to cane for Hawaii fuel

'Tis interesting that half of these are Hawaii-specific...

Top 20 posts for beginners:

  1. speaking of ahupuaa: Hawaii reference material
  2. scenario tool needed for sustainability in Hawaii
  3. mapping sea level rise on Kauai: try this where you are
  4. adaptation and mitigation: like eating and drinking
  5. worst case scenario: why sustainability matters for Hawaii
  6. call to action on Hawaii climate change research
  7. call to action on Hawai`i ecosystem research
  8. Hawai`i fairly clean but far from green
  9. …of ferry tales and wings (part 1)
  10. …of ferry tales and wings (part II)
  11. fear of flying to Hawai`i
  12. letting go of fear: an exercise in systems thinking
  13. planes and boats and cars: the ecological footprint
  14. Superferry hot button: pushing for new questions
  15. update on ferry footprinting: not so fast
  16. from vicious to virtuous: on strategic tipping points
  17. more hurricanes coming if hawaii loses its ‘cold wall’
  18. wot’s different about the tropics? everything
  19. Hawaii forests serve as climate change sentinel
  20. 3 Fs for sustainability: it’s about tools, not grades

Ken's Favs:

  1. fanning fear is a factor in failure: try hope instead
  2. dontcha get it? it’s about using ‘warm words’
  3. US sustainability begets Hawaii self-sufficiency?
  4. Dana knew wot’s wrong with us: nuthin’
  5. gearing up for transformation: on mindsets
  6. how much acreage to grow our food? new math for Kauai
  7. wot’s up with energy storage: on paradigm change
  8. wot’s the cheapest way to eat well?
  9. barbarism prospect can prompt great transition
  10. from ‘oops’ to ‘aha’: asking about footprints
  11. weak and fearful: why environmentalism fails
  12. saving today’s tools: two by two, like noah
  13. wot are we thinking? a rant on road-building
  14. on exponentiality and timing: why later is worse
  15. we’re all downwind of our own emissions
  16. fear of flying to Hawai`i
  17. new koa forests could be win-win for Hawai`i
  18. the holocene went ‘holoholo’: on to the anthropocene
  19. peak everything: dude, where’s my lifestyle?
  20. for the sake of appearances: our (human) bad

Top 20 posts this year:

  1. later is over, says Hansen: crappy new year!
  2. the greening of economics: as if people and planet matter
  3. dude, where’d my preservation project go?
  4. who owes what for eco debt: big bills for rich nations
  5. bright green possibilities vs. fading political probabilities
  6. footprinting your lifetime: kewl tool on personal impacts
  7. running the numbers: how to green our energy sooner
  8. toward a new energy economy: Kauai’s abundant renewables
  9. truth or deceit? how framing differs from spin
  10. how communities are like ecosystems: on resilience
  11. sprawl as native right? on DHHL’s Wailua project
  12. green as moral compass: on defining new mortal sins
  13. zero to 60 in a few months: time for new movement?
  14. sustainability and ignorance: more humility indicated
  15. wot are we conserving? presentation on Kauai’s prospects
  16. how do we know wot we know? on red-blue mindsets
  17. 3 spheres for sustainability: a meme for our time
  18. last call for humans and all: on doing a 350
  19. the wrong stuff (part 1): ‘cheaper is better’
  20. is Hawaii sustainable? ‘peak oil’ actuary has major doubts

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