Each week I spend many hours just keeping up with green economics research and other findings from sustainability science in preparation for my client work, and I intend this blog to be all about sharing some tasty bits that relate to sustainability in the islands.

Ken StokesWe all have so much to learn-- including new ways of thinking about island sustainability-- and I hope these blog bits add value in your own learning! This blog is dedicated to my four grandots-- may they and other children one day forgive our era's ecological trespasses.

Mahalo for your interest! And Mahalo to WordPress for this great "open source" tool.

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about Ken Stokes

Ken is Executive Director of The Kauaian Institute where he has served as a sustainability advisor to senior executives at some of Hawaii's largest corporations and most influential community groups.

Ken has a special interest in the ahupua`a (traditional land divisions) of Hawaii, and his exclusive maps of these ancient places and ecosystems, based on a dozen years of archival research, are available in The Kauaian Institute's Online Shop and distributed to schools throughout the state.

ken stokes on electric recumbent bikeKen earned an MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business in 1986, and completed 3 years of PhD work in Urban Economics at Syracuse University in the early 1970s.

He is a red, white and black American who grew up in Alaska, is an avid bodysurfer and diehard cyclist, and has never owned a car. He lives in a 750 s.f. treehouse overlooking the Kapa`a reef with his wife Sue Dixon.



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